Roof Access

There are two roof access hatches. The southern one is well marked by a sign on the closet, room D334. The northen one in room D255. When the closets are unlocked, the roof hatch is still locked by a padlock.

Double Metal Doors on Second Floor

On the second floor, rooms B279, B332, B294, and B375 have painted double doors with a perpetual hum. The maps are out of date and do not show the actual rooms. The northern three share room numbers with the house storage. The southern one is the front end of what was a closet. The back of the closet is now part of the Brown House den storage. The door to Louden's den storage ("B293" according to the door) is a metal door, unline other den storage doors. The map indicates that when the telecom room was installed, the den storage door was moved to where it is now, east farther.

According to the maintenance log, these closets are Telecom rooms. See

Network And TV Wiring


There are four fiberoptic lines coming up from the basement in each house's tub room. Each line stops at a floor in a switch. The network cables coming out of the switch run into holes into the hallway ceiling. The cable trays above the drop ceiling are mostly empty. There appears to be another false ceiling above the drop ceiling where the Ethernet cords are.


New Exit Signs

During winter break of 2014-2015, the triangular exit signs near the dens were installed.